Ricky Casipe

Hawthorne Food and Drink

Hawthorne’s Executive Chef Ricky Casipe joined Hawthorne 3 years ago. Casipe is a born-and-raised 25-year old Torontonian with Filipino roots and has achieved a lot at this young age. His concept of “Farm-To-Fork City Food” is a means to support Ontario while celebrating Toronto. He wants to create a movement that encourages the diverse population of Toronto to buy and eat local while still holding true to their tradition and culture.

In addition to his regular duties as an Executive Chef, Ricky trains HWTC trainees, both Front and Back of House at Hawthorne. Hawthorne Food & Drink is a social enterprise of The Hospitality Workers Training Centre (HWTC), a non-profit organization based on a sectoral workforce development approach.


Duck Heart Tocilog - Ontario duck heart tocino, soy cured duck yolk, puffed wild rice, garlic chips (Poultry)