Kristin Donovan


The key to everything we do at Hooked is RESPECT:

Respect for our customers and our team. Respect for our fishers, fish farmers, and their communities. Respect for the fish we choose to buy and how we handle that fish.

Most importantly, respect for the preservation, protection and balance of our wild waters. We are proud to deal personally with our fishers, processors and fish farmers, both locally and nationally. This enables us to know exactly where our fish was caught, how and when. We handle all of our own freight to ensure that we have control of our fish from the moment the boat arrives at the dock, both on Western and Eastern shores.

Kristin and Dan Donovan, a husband and wife team who met at chefs school, are the founders of the business. As a result, Hooked only hires cooks who have a keen interest in responsibly harvested beautiful fish.

We and our team of chefs look forward to exploring a world of thoughtfully selected seafood together. Thanks! Kristin & Dan


Fresh shucked East Coast oysters with Hooked hot sauce, sherry mignonette and fresh horseradish (Fish)