Evis Chirowamhangu

Mnandi Pies

Evis Chirowamhangu is the owner and food experimentalist at Mnandi Pies, a company that produces Zimbabwean Style Pies in Toronto.  Born and raised in Nyanga, Zimbabwe, Evis moved to Toronto in 2005 where she immediately recognized the lack of “anything that looked like a Zimbabwean Pie on the Toronto Market. Through a series of food experiments, she finally nailed the “Zimbabwean Pie”. Evis has been featured on CBC’s Here and Now, CBC Metro Morning, The Pay Chen Show, Toronto Star, Now Magazine and BlogTO  and she is on a mission to feed Canadians with unique and authentic foods inspired by the Southern African Cuisine.


Zimbabwean Style Mini Pie Bites with Peri Peri Baobab Sauce