Jakob Anderson

Monforte Dairy

“In a world gone mad for innovation and change, it’s the small pleasures that keep us sane. And in the constellation of small pleasures that salve the mind and nourish the body, what trumps the sheer sensual deliciousness of a well-crafted cheese?”

Southwestern Ontario’s premier artisanal cheese company. We use only seasonal milk from responsible practise.

At Monforte, we’re convinced the small things do indeed make a difference, that agriculture is best practiced on a human scale, and that our cheeses, each in its own way, reflect something a little deeper than the technology behind mass manufactured food – a little of the poetry and passion of life itself.


Monforte’s flavoured Chevre’s accompanied by House Made flavoured salts to elevate your tasting experience: Elsie, Marita, Negroni, Adeline, Lemon Succor