Together, we’re Indie88.
And we put music first
The artists. The audience. The inspiration.
The songwriting. The instruments.
The album cover. The poster art.
The live show. After show. Secret show. Tour t-shirt.
Popular. Obscure. Signed. Unsigned.
We believe indie comes in all shapes and sizes.
We put the quest to uncover, discover and re-discover it first.
Then we play it. Interview it. Debate-it. Stream-it.
Socialize it. Chart it. Support it.
Because music’s what inspires us
It’s an expression of who we are
A passion made greater through sharing
A universal language that connects us all
We’re a platform. A melting pot. A collective.
A home for everyone who believes music matters
The station where ‘I’ becomes we
That plays your favourite songs
You just might not know them yet.