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The love of tea is a tea attitude that combines the enjoyment of tea with an experience of culture, food & place.

The love of tea is a tea blend that uses the finest sources for taste & health.

Tea is an important cultural past time, which is having a revival through tea and reconnecting with oneself or friends. In this day of technology everything happens so quickly, so time is valued and what a better way than to connect with tea. Also with the health benefits of tea as an added gift of health.

The love of tea can provide a tea blended brand, plan and stage a themed afternoon tea event and to provide teas to your work/business. If interested the love of tea is available to discuss the art of tea by a certified tea sommelier as well as the health benefits of tea from a health expert.

The love of tea carries under ten types of tea and tea blends including rare teas and tisanes. The love of tea does not carry hundreds of teas because we believed that tea should be pure & simple. Like fine wines, the terroir of the tea shows us the characteristics of the land and climate shaping the taste profile rather than added flavourings. Food is an important aspect of tea and we believe there are pairings that best bring out the food and tea served.

The love of tea believes weddings are special and provides special personalized blended teas in designer designed packaging as wedding favours.

The love of tea provides afternoon tea, tea tastings, tea events, English afternoon tea & all things tea.

Carol Mark is also Founder & CEO of Empower T www.drinkempower.com

What we're serving

Green tea with rare saffron from Herat, Afghanistan