Joe Bird

Joao Medina


Joao Medina was born and raised in Mexico City. After graduating with a major in Culinary Arts and achieving some culinary expertise in his country he decided to emigrate to Toronto in order to expand his culinary repertoire.

After gaining experience in multiple restaurants, which in some cases he moved from cook to head Chef, in 2013 Joao began working as Chef de Cuisine at Palais Royale Ballroom.

In the summer of 2017 he became chef/co-owner of “Joe Bird” restaurant where the approach is to bring to the customer the best quality, interesting and tasty food with affordable prices. Deeply interested in the social, psychological and emotional aspects of food. Respect for the ingredients and animals, the emotional connection between what we eat and our memories as well as the environment created while we enjoy food.

What we're serving

Hoisin Tamarind Chicken – Glazed and topped with our mix of spices and seeds (poultry)
Joes Cornbread – Homemade Corn Bread made from scratch (vegetarian)