Portrait of Jeff and Nuit Regular in Kiin restaurant

Pai, Kiin & Sukhothai

Nuit Regular


Kiin is quite different from Chef Nuit and Jeff Regular’s other ventures, as they have focused on Northern Thai cuisine in the past. This was an opportunity to celebrate the traditions from all across Thailand, while incorporating the delicate qualities and rare art of Royal Thai cuisine. The culinary art form close to extinction, originally a cuisine that was only served in the Royal Palace for royalty. Royal Thai cuisine focuses on the freshest ingredients, rich flavours and is meant to be extremely delicate and complex.

The Kiin menu offers ingredient-driven sharing plates during dinner, and fast and fresh rice and noodle bowls and plates during lunch.

Kiin’s design elements were inspired by Chef Nuit’s experience growing up in Phare, Thailand. She spent her high school years in a colourful building designed in the colonial style of architecture that is throughout Thailand. She was also always fascinated with the rich details that can be found in the Royal Palace. Chef Nuit worked very closely with interior designer Kat Gudov at Steven Fong Architect to bring together these two styles and create a refined and uniquely Thai experience.

What we're serving

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