Alex McMinniman and Mandie Sellar


Alex McMinniman completed NishDish’s first youth culinary arts mentorship and works as first cook for our restaurant and catering. She is Maliseet from Kingsclear First Nation, New Brunswick . Alex has always had a love for the culinary arts and her culture as an Aboriginal woman. She grew up in a primarily Aboriginal community in East Scarborough. She wants to continue in the culinary industry learning and growing her skills further to better understand the importance of Aboriginal cuisine in todays society.

Chef Mandie Sellar is Cree from Winnipeg, Manitoba from Otter Clan and resides in Toronto area with her family. She attained her Red Seal in 2000 and flourished steadily in her culinary passions, particularly with teaching Native youth in Winnpeg for 2 years. Chef Mandie now works as Chef/Director of Operations at NishDish Marketeria & Catering. She is an active member of the Toronto Indigenous Business Association that strives to create an Indigenous focused community in the Christie park green corridor. As a home gardener, she also cultivates her green thumb in the Indigenous teaching gardens of Ojibiikaan Indigenous Cultural network throughout the GTA.

What we're serving

  • Pheasant and wild rice soup: pheasant, wild rice, brown rice, mirepoix, chicken stock, mushrooms, thyme (gluten-free)
  • Three Sister Stew: butternut squash, green beans, yellow corn, white corn, dill, vegetable stock, vegetable oil (vegan, gluten-free)
  • Cedar tea (vegan, gluten free)