Portrait of Kim Vo from North Saigon

North Saigon & Pomelo Catering

Kim Vo


North Saigon offers a contemporary interpretation of Vietnamese food that is fresh and fun.

With flavours deeply rooted in generations of Vietnamese cooking, Kim Vo has taken traditional cooking methods shared with her during her travels to Vietnam in order to create elevated, energizing and nutrient-dense meals that reflect her small-town prairie upbringing.

North Saigon began as a food truck in the summer of 2017, but has since branched off with much success in catering private/public events and corporate functions.

Kim is taking North Saigon on a new journey in the next couple of months as it becomes one of the first restaurants in Toronto to operate without a brick-and-mortar location — a 100% virtual restaurant. Her curated menu ensures that food quality is maintained and customers are rewarded with high quality ingredients and flavours. She is taking fast casual and healthy eating to the next level with Vietnamese inspired healthy noodle dishes, salads, rice wraps, soups, and irresistibly delicious healthy sauces.

What we're serving

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