Portrait of Bertrand Alepee of The Tempered Room

The Tempered Room

Bertrand Alépée


Parisian-born and trained, Chef Bertrand Alépée is the founder of The Tempered Chef catering company and The Tempered Room pâtisserie.  Before starting these ventures, he studied under French culinary icons Guy Savoy and Alain Ducasse, and worked in the kitchens of several Relais & Châteaux. He would eventually find himself in Toronto working under Marc Thuet before opening the fine dining restaurant, Amuse-Bouche.  Bertrand’s approach to his craft can be captured within a phrase; meticulous with a rock n’ Roll heart.

Recognized as one of the city’s strengths in pastry, Bertrand has lent his skills consulting with several restaurants including Canoe, Biff’s and Luma.  He is a member of  The Group of Seven Chefs , proud papa of identical twin girls (oh mon dieu!) and loves the Toronto community he’s made his home.

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Custard filled pink praline brioche