Portrait of Marida and Narida Mohammed of Twice de Spice

Twice de Spice

Marida and Narida Mohammed


Marida and Narida grew up in San Fernando, Trinidad with their mother and four older siblings. They learnt to cook by watching and helping their mother in the kitchen at a very young age. They moved to Sudbury at age 13, where they went to high school and university. There, they learnt to cook many new Canadian, Ukranian and Italian dishes from their French Canadian family and friends. They then moved to Toronto at age 23, where Narida worked in sales and Marida in Fitness. In 2014, their best friend encouraged them to apply for the first Season of Masterchef Canada, where they were both chosen as the “Top 50” homecooks. Marida went on to take second place in the competition and since then “Twice De Spice” was born.

What we're serving

Trini tacos with coleslaw (optional topping: Trini shrimp)